Our commitment to Healthy Communities

Did you know?

Our commitment to Healthy Communities is built on four complementary elements.

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Bakkafrost plays an important part in the communities in which we operate. We often operate in rural communities in the Faroe Islands as well as in Scotland, and we acknowledge the importance and the responsibility that comes with operating in such small communities. Thus, we strive to strengthen our operations by continuously introducing sustainable measures throughout our value chain, securing a safe foundation for our future activities.

Our mission is to create shared value, and our commitment to ‘Healthy Communities’ is built on four complementary elements:

  • Responsible Leadership
  • Value Generation
  • Community Engagement
  • Transparency

These are the four elements that outline the core values on which all our operations are built upon. We continuously hold ourselves accountable in all aspects of our operations, ensuring they are carried out responsibly and for the common good of all stakeholders.