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Bakkafrost Community Investment Policy

In 2018, Bakkafrost launched a new Healthy Living Fund to increase support for causes which are of greatest importance to us and our key stakeholders, particularly in areas where we have an impact, or are impacted.

The new fund supports our new sustainability plan, which is focused on promoting a healthy business, healthy people, healthy salmon, a healthy environment, and healthy communities.

By focusing investments in these areas, we hope to minimise our negative and maximise our positive social and environmental impacts, creating value predominantly at a local level.

This policy sets out the types of causes which we will consider supporting, thereby ensuring that all investments and donations are made in line with our principles.

Bakkafrost will consider applications which:

  • Promote sports, particularly for young people or in underfunded areas.
  • Promote education in healthy lifestyles and a healthy environment, particularly for young people.
  • Promote the social inclusion of the elderly or the disabled.
  • Promote a healthy natural environment, particularly the islands’ network of fjords.
  • Promote biodiversity in the Faroes, particularly for life under water.
  • Promote community volunteering, particularly for the causes above.

We make pro-active investments into education, research and innovation, and sponsorship of national sporting organisations and Faroese arts and culture. Applications will not be accepted for these.

Bakkafrost will not consider applications which support:

  • Political causes.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Any replacement of national health services.
  • Third-party fundraising (for example, for another company).

While Bakkafrost cannot support individuals releasing books or albums, we will buy a quantity of all new Faroese publications and releases.

Who can apply

Bakkafrost will only accept applications from members of the Faroese community who represent community groups, charities, schools, clubs, societies, and not-for-profit organisations, promoting the causes above.

How to apply

To apply, please fill in the form below. All applications must be in writing and must answer all the information requested. Applications with missing information will not be reviewed, so it is important that you answer all the questions on the form. Applications received through other communication channels, other than the form below, will not be considered.

What will happen to my application

All completed applications will be scanned by our administration team and those which meet Bakkafrost’s policy, will then be reviewed by our Community Investment Committee four times a year around the dates below (or nearest working day):

  • 15 February
  • 15 May
  • 15 August
  • 15 November

Applications must be received at least two weeks before the meetings take place.

Through the Healthy Living Fund, Bakkafrost sets aside a certain amount of money every year, but due to the volume of applications received, we are regrettably unable to meet all requests.

Application Form

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