Frozen Products

Quick freezing salmon preserves the product and thus prolongs the shelf life without compromising the renowned Bakkafrost quality. This also widenings the customers transportation options and opens up for more cost-efficient alternatives.

Bakkafrost has a comprehensive frozen product portfolio consisting of whole frozen salmon, fillets, portions, bellies, tails, bits and pieces, heads, backbones and skin. These frozen salmon products are sold throughout the world and are most commonly distributed by sea vessels and/or truck, depending on which market it’s going to. Most often the products are shipped by truck from the Bakkafrost facilities to a port in Faroe Islands, where it’s loaded and sailed to either Russia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Scotland, The Netherlands, Germany or Iceland. Here it’s either reloaded to other vessels or trucks going to the final destination.

The staff of the logistic department at Bakkafrost are highly skilled, with many years of experience and can handle every aspect of the transportation from Bakkafrost facilities to any of the customers preferred destinations. This makes it easy and convenient for the customer.