Fresh Products

When keeping Bakkafrost Salmon fresh from initial catch to the final customer delivery, the fish keeps all its superior quality characteristics and insures the final consumer a unique culinary experience second to none.

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Bakkafrost’ fresh product portfolio, which emphases on keeping a superior quality, consists of whole salmon, fillets and portions. The products are carefully harvested and quickly processed in Bakkafrost top of the art facilities, before being gently chilled with flake ice in high-isolating polystyrene boxes, specially developed to keep the salmon fresh throughout its journey from Faroe Islands to customers all over the World.

Fresh salmon is either transported by air or sea from Faroe Islands to the mainland of Europe, before reloaded on trucks or planes. Trucks distribute to Europe and the airplanes deliver the products to North America, Asia, Africa. This combination of optimal transportation ensures the customers an extremely fresh salmon, which can be delivered within 24 hours from harvest.