Bakkafrost prides itself on the ability to immediately distribute products as soon as they are ready.

Their processing plants, uniquely positioned on the same fjords as the farming, allow for some of the fastest processing in the industry.

Bakkafrost utilizes a streamlined transportation infrastructure to get their fish to all major markets in the world from our streamlined facilities in the Faroe Islands.

Bakkafrost flies or sails its fresh fish to international hubs on mainland Europe where it's immediately driven or flown to its final destination. Their quick turn around time makes it possible to get fresh salmon to any international market inside of 24 hours.

Fresh Products

When keeping Bakkafrost Salmon fresh from initial catch to the final customer delivery, the fish keeps all its superior quality characteristics and insures the final consumer a unique culinary experience second to none.

Frozen Products

Quick freezing salmon preserves the product and thus prolongs the shelf life without compromising the renowned Bakkafrost quality. This also widenings the customers transportation options and opens up for more cost-efficient alternatives.