Frozen Salmon Belly Flaps

                                      PRODUCT SPECIFICATION:                                                
Product: Frozen Salmon Belly Flaps
Species: Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)
Country of origin: Farmed, harvested and processed in the Faroe Islands
Quality: Superior
Bones: N/A
Skin: Skin-on
Trims: N/A

The bellies are sorted in two sizes: Small 1-3 cm - Large 3+ cm

Colour: Minimum 23+ SalmoFan


                                      PACKAGING AND LOGISTIC SPECIFICATION:                   

The salmon are stored in a freezer with temperature at maximum -18°C (-0.4°F) throughout the transportation


• Packed in 18 kg masterboxes and frozen

• Sea-/truck-freight: 720 kg (≈ 1,587 lbs) 1 euro pallet ≈ 40 boxes


Frozen Salmon Bellies from Bakkafrost are delivered by sea and/or truck. This ensures the consumer a superior quality second to none


1 FCL - 36 pallets - 25.920 MT

Order Unit: Ask the sales department