Why eat Salmon?

Salmon is unique: born from natural selection – the strongest, generation after generation.  It’s rich in flavor, supple in texture, and pleasingly vibrant in color.

Salmon is a versatile fish that lends itself to a variety of preparation techniques, fulfilling the demands of a healthy, modern diet.

Benefits with salmon in general

Salmon’s remarkable lifespan and ability to return home year after year are just a few reasons why these intuitive fish are considered 'brain food'.  But salmon is also nutrient dense and an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals. Of particular interest are omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to healthy brain function, limber joints, and a lowered risk of heart disease.

Solution to Earth's future problems

Salmon offers an environmentally sound and cost-effective alternative to traditionally produced meat and protein products.  Considering ongoing discussions and concerns around costs and space requirements for the traditional production of protein products, farmed salmon offers a product far superior in protein per weight and price per weight.  Salmon can help relieve the burden future generations will have in producing protein for human consumption – a tasty and healthy resolution to a difficult problem.