Why Bakkafrost Salmon?

Born of the North Atlantic, our salmon breed is fed a wholesome diet that we carefully harvest from their natural environment surrounding the Faroe Islands. These small strips of land marked by sharp, steep cliffs, are nestled in the middle of the North Atlantic, and boast a cold, clean tide that keeps the surrounding waters pristine.

About Bakkafrost

Rich in flavor, supple in texture, and pleasingly vibrant in color, salmon can be used to create any meal: from the 10-minute meal after work to a sit-down banquet on Saturday evening.

Salmon’s consistency and adaptability make it an appealing additional to any meal, providing a satisfying, sensual gastronomic experience that provides something for your eyes, your body, and most importantly, your taste buds.

Every gourmet chef knows that salmon is a sure bet for any meal.  Bakkafrost salmon is unique, with a brilliant, savory taste that can only be described as, “ a taste of the Faroe Islands.” It is a taste that leaves the ocean behind.


Nutrient dense and an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals, salmon provides a “power-punch” of healthy goodness that fulfills the demands of a modern diet. Of particular interest are omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to healthy brain function, limber joints, and a lowered risk of heart disease. With no use of antibiotics, or artificial additives (non-gmo), Bakkafrost salmon is as healthy as salmon can be.


Packaged in a variety of cuts, salmon gives the consumer a wealth of options for preparation. Fried, grilled, steamed, seared, blackened, baked, boiled, or raw, salmon can be enjoyed in so many different ways.

From sushi to steaks, salmon’s color, texture, and flavor provide an exceptional eating experience. Simply put: salmon is good food made easy.

What makes Bakkafrost salmon special?

Bakkafrost salmon is possibly the finest salmon found, and to ensure quality, we here at Bakkafrost have melded a millennia-old, ancient seafaring tradition with modern approaches to food.  We live and work alongside the fjords where we raise our salmon. We are bent on perfection, and take the time and effort to create quality products.

Bakkafrost salmon is a product as close to free range/wild salmon as one can find.  Running cold and clean, the pristine waters around the Faroe Islands is the ideal environment to create an impeccably pure salmon.  With our attention to detail, no finer salmon can be found in the salmon farming industry.