About Us

Bakkafrost is the leading producer of top quality salmon from the Faroe Islands. We offer a wide range of healthy and nutritious salmon products from our own facilities.

The cool and steady sea temperatures of the North Atlantic Current in the Faroe Islands provides perfect conditions for raising healthy and robust Atlantic salmon.

Bakkafrost is one of the world's most vertically integrated salmon farming companies. Bakkafrost controls all aspects of production - from feed to finished value added products. This ensures unrivalled traceability and consistent high quality.

Our longstanding experiences in the seafood industry and our focus on providing our customers with top quality salmon products has made Bakkafrost well reputed as a reliable and responsible partner.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in relation to fish welfare, sustainability and sound stewardship of the environment.

We are dedicated to providing consumers worldwide with top quality tasty and nutritious salmon products.

Bakkafrost History

The following is a summary of the main events and milestones of the company since its establishment:

Vision & Mission

Bakkafrost aims at being a world-class company in the salmon industry. We are committed to provide tasty and healthy quality salmon products to the global marketplace, while focusing on:

  • a highly sustainable production from feed to salmon products

  • fish welfare and production of top quality food

  • creating value to customers, shareholders and society

Investment Plan - Preparing for the future

In 2014, in a move to prepare the company for the future,  Bakkafrost announced a capital investment plan for all sectors of their value chain. Since its announcement, the plan has been expanded and accelerated.  


The fast-growing global population coupled with increasing demand for protein, is putting unprecedented pressure on the planet. In this scenario, there is a challenge to produce protein and valuable essential fish oils efficiently and sustainably – a challenge which the aquaculture industry is stepping up to meet.


Community Investment Policy
The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Ensure all donations are granted in line with our company guidelines and values;
  • Ensure that support is given in accordance with the general plans of our Community Investment Committee; and
  • Ensure that over-arching and local interests are taken in to consideration.