Top 5 Actions Needed For Responsible Aquaculture

Top 5 Actions Needed For Responsible Aquaculture


GSI farmers follow ASC principles to ensure salmon farming has minimal impact & uses resources responsibly.

The actions are:

  1. Maintaining healthy fish

  2. Minimizing impacts on the environment

  3. Using resources responsible

  4. Caring for employees

  5. Working with local communities

Bakkafrost is a member of the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), which is a leadership initiative established by leading CEOs from around the world who share a vision of providing a healthy and sustainable source of protein to feed a growing population, while minimizing their environmental footprint, and continuing to improve their social contribution.



About Bakkafrost:

Bakkafrost is the largest salmon farmer in the Faroe Islands. The Group is fully integrated from feed production to smolt, farming, VAP and sales. The Group has production of fishmeal, fish oil and salmon feed in Fuglafjørður. The Group has primary processing in Glyvrar, Kollafjørður and Vágur, and second­ary pro­cessing (VAP) in Glyvrar. The Group operates sea farming in Norðoyggjar, Eysturoy, Streymoy and Suðuroy. The headquarter is located in Glyvrar, and the company has 820 fulltime employees.

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