Only the Best is Good Enough

Only the Best is Good Enough


For several years, Bakkafrost has produced premium quality Atlantic Salmon of Faroese origin. This emphasis on farming a premium quality product remains the main focus that the core business evolves around. An example of this is that we, at Bakkafrost, only use specially produced premium feed for our salmon, and this is seen as one of the main reasons, why many of our customers say that Bakkafrost is raising the best quality salmon in the world.

Production of fishmeal and fish oil for our unique Havsbrún feed has been a milestone in creating a total vertical integrated value chain within the company. This integration, in our opinion, is essential for ensuring a premium quality product from start to finish.

To take this a step further, Bakkafrost has decided to strengthen the established relations with existing customers even more, which we believe can help them grow and evolve in their local markets. Thus, we have started creating a product line, which makes it easier for our customers to enter the market and promote Bakkafrost and themselves in their local markets. This enhancement of the portfolio will gradually be expanded in line with the feedback, that we receive from customers about the current market needs.

This plan is backed up by the new production facilities, that we are currently building in the Faroe Islands, which will enhance our opportunities to exceed the customers’ expectations even more. We are confident that these new measurements will be beneficial and will strengthen the customers and Bakkafrost in our future collaboration.

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