Bakkafrost, focusing on consumer assurance

Bakkafrost, focusing on consumer assurance


In the pursued for farming the healthiest salmon in the world, we at Bakkafrost announced in November 2014 that Havsbrún, which is our subsidiary company, would only use purified fish oil in the feed production.

The first salmon that has only eaten feed with cleaned fish oil, will enter the market in April this year.

It is of outmost importance that customers that buy our premium quality salmon can feel assured that Bakkafrost does everything in our power to ensure that the salmon is the healthiest on the market.

With the Havsbrún salmon feed containing only purified fish oil, Bakkafrost salmon has become even healthier. The negative environmental influences have more or less been cleaned out.

With these new measurements, Bakkafrost once again have established ourselves as a front runner when it comes to healthy and safe food. With the high level of fish oil in the feed, Bakkafrost salmon manifests itself as a salmon with a high level of Omega 3 fatty acids.

These new measurements with purified fish oil have not been necessary but as we at Bakkafrost strive for perfection we have felt us compelled to introduce these measurements.

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