The Expansions plans are progressing

The Expansions plans are progressing


We are about halfway through the expansion plans, which were presented in the summer of 2013. Several big projects are on-going and some projects are in progress.

The purpose of the expansions presented in the summer of 2013 was:

  • to produce bigger smolt (Reach 300g in 2018)

  • to minimize the biological risks

  • to gradually enhance the total production capacity with 10-15%

  • to have a higher efficiency and a safer investment by integrating production units on land

  • to have the total savings accumulated through a higher efficiency should save about DKK 70-90 mio. yearly from 2017


  1. Minimize the biological risks
  2. Increase the efficiency
  3. Increase the total production capacity

The Expansion at Bakka

Bakkafrost’s expansion plans on building a new production plant and headquarter are progressing. The ship M/S Nordvåg has recently made two trips from Strand in Norway to Glyvrar with equipment to the new production plant. Many installations are on-going, e.g. sewage, freezers, ice production, plumbing and several companies start their installations in the coming weeks.

The installations are a couple of weeks behind schedule, so therefore the startup of the new facilities will be delayed accordingly. We hope that we can start trial productions in May this year.

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