Team Rynkeby on their way to Paris

Team Rynkeby on their way to Paris


Following months of intense and determined training, 48 cyclists and 12 assistants from Team Rynkeby Faroe Islands headed off on their 1377 km trip to Paris. Due to Covid-19, their annual trips to the French capital have been cancelled. Instead, they have been cycling in the Faroes and in Denmark. However, with countries recovering from the pandemic, the team has decided to resume the tradition of finishing in the cycling Mecca.

As always, the team kicks off at Smæran in Klaksvík, and then the headed off for Toftir. In the afternoon, the cyclists in the characteristic yellow jerseys visited the Bakkafrost headquarters at Glyvrar.

Team Rynkeby is a Nordic charity cycling team which raises money for children with serious health conditions and their families. Bakkafrost has been a supporter of the team for several years, and every year, employees from Bakkafrost have been part of the team, and this was also the case this year.

In 2018, Bakkafrost launched a new Healthy Living Fund to increase support for causes which are of greatest importance to us and our key stakeholders, particularly in areas where we have an impact or are impacted.

You can apply for funding here.
Applications for funding are reviewed according to our policy on Funding is granted to projects that support the goals as described in our Healthy Living Sustainability Strategy and meet the general requirements for funding.

We want to thank Team Rynkeby Faroe Islands for visiting us, and we wish them a safe journey.

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