Farming site Kunoyarnes (A-12) ASC certified


Bakkafrost aims at being the market leading aquaculture farming company through a strict focus on raising a sustainable premium quality salmon with high emphasis on animal welfare and on preserving the surrounding environment. Thus, Bakkafrost has since 2014 – when it was announced that all sites should be ASC-certified in 2020 – been in the process of ASC-certifying its farming sites. This goal came a step closer in March 2018, when the farming site Kunoyarnes (A-12) was approved.

About the ASC standard

The ASC standard is considered as the most stringent in the aquaculture industry and outlines 8 main requirements regarding animal health, responsible use of feed, preservation of water resources, the natural environment and biodiversity. The standard also relates to social responsibility and legal compliance. See more on

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