M/S Bakkanes has commenced operations

M/S Bakkanes has commenced operations


Last Saturday, 18th September, Bakkafrost’s newest farming service vessel (FSV), M/S Bakkanes, arrived at the headquarters at Glyvrar. About 400-500 people attended the reception, where Regin Jacobsen, CEO of Bakkafrost, welcomed the guests, and Magnus Rasmussen, Minister of Environment, Industry and Trade, Torbjørn Jacobsen, mayor of Runavík municipality, and Ian Laister, CEO of The Scottish Salmon Company spoke at the reception. Also, Nes Sóknar Brass Band participated with music.

All guests were invited aboard to see the new vessel. Bakkanes has previously been operating in the Norwegian offshore industry as a supply vessel. At 241 feet long and 54 feet wide, Bakkanes is a sister ship to Bakkafrost’s FSV M/S Martin, purchased in 2016. Bakkanes is equipped with the FLS delousing system. It is the MEST shipyard at Skála that has repurposed Bakkanes to a FSV.

Bakkanes has now commenced operations, and it will primarily operate in the Scottish marine farming.

Below you can see pictures from the reception at Glyvrar.


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