Bakkafrost sells harvest plant

Bakkafrost sells harvest plant


For several years Bakkafrost has harvested for another Faroese salmon farmer. The reason for this harvesting arrangement is that the salmon farmer does not have their own harvesting plant. After the completion of the new harvest and processing facilities in Glyvrar where seven factories were combined into one brand new factory, Bakkafrost has some excess factories. This redundant capacity has created an opportunity for the salmon farmer to purchase one of Bakkafrost’ old harvesting facilities.

On the 23rd of May 2018, Bakkafrost made a purchase agreement with the salmon farmer that enables them to purchase Bakkafrost’ harvest facilities in Strendur. Before starting harvesting, the new owner will be making some alternations to the plant. Meanwhile, Bakkafrost will continue harvesting for them. This means that Bakkafrost in the coming future will only be harvesting their own salmon.

Bakkafrost congratulates the new owner with the purchase and wish them good luck.

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