Bakkafrost named top three producer of sustainable protein

Bakkafrost named top three producer of sustainable protein


Today, Coller FAIRR Index published new data in a comprehensive sustainability assessment on large meat, fish and dairy producers.

The index assesses the 60 publicly-listed animal protein producers, worth a combined $338bn. Firms are ranked against ten environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related criteria, including GHG emissions, deforestation, antibiotic usage, working conditions and investment in alternative proteins. The results are presented in an interactive digital tool to help investors integrate ESG data and assess company performance.

Bakkafrost is among the top three performers in the 2020 index, and one of only three companies to rank as “low risk” for investors.

“We are very pleased to be recognized as one of the most sustainable protein producers in the world”, says Regin Jacobsen, CEO at Bakkafrost. “Development and growth through sustainable investment is our top priority. We strive to supply the world’s growing population with healthy and nutritious protein, raised in a sustainable way with the greatest respect for the environment”.

In the company’s latest sustainability report, Bakkafrost publicly committed to reduce GHG emissions from Faroese operations by 50% by 2030. In recent years, Bakkafrost has systematically improved its farming operations to minimize the carbon footprint.

“We are continuously introducing new measures to reduce our impact on the environment. With our fully vertical integrated value chain, we have a unique opportunity to produce healthy protein in a sustainable and responsible way, as we control all aspects of the production, from feed to ready-to-eat salmon”, says Tordis Poulsen, Group Head of Sustainability.

Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index – Summary Report

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