Key Executives

Andrias Petersen
Group Harvest Director

Andrias Petersen (born 1973) holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (2001), and has since then completed courses in general-, project- and quality management. From 2002–2008, he worked with the Faroese Food, Veterinary and Environmental Agency in positions as official supervisor, quality manager and head of the department of fish health, where he obtained a thorough knowledge of the Faroese fish farming industry. From 2008, Mr. Petersen was production manager at the former Vestsalmon, and following the merger of the Vestlax Group with the Bakkafrost Group, Mr. Petersen has been Harvest Manager.

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Anna Johansen
Group QESH Director

Anna Johansen (born 1974) holds a cand.scient in biology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2002). From 2003–2007, she worked with the Faroese Food, Veterinary and Environmental Agency as an environmental supervisor and a project manager. Anna Johansen has been quality manager for P/F Vestlax and P/F Vestsalmon since 2007 until the merger with Bakkafrost, when she started as Senior Group Quality Manager.

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Hartvig Joensen
Head of Meal Sales

Hartvig Joensen (born 1967) has been Manager of Havsbrún’s Fishmeal and Fish oil Department since 2005. He was educated at Copenhagen University College of Engineering as a Technical Assistant in 1995 and holds a Diploma in Leadership from the Faroese Business School from 2005.

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Heini Kristiansen
Group HR Director

Heini Kristiansen (born 1986) was appointed Group HR Manager at Bakkafrost in november 2018. He holds a Bsc in International Business and Politics and a cand.merc.HRM from Copenhagen Business School. Heini has previous experience as HR Manager at Smyril Line and as a professional within individual and collective labor market negotiations in Denmark.

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Jón Purkhús
Head of Farming North

Jón Purkhús (born 1958) has been Farming Manager at Bakkafrost since 2006. Mr. Purkhús has extensive experience in the salmon farming industry, as he founded and has been Director of Bakkafrost Farming North since 1985.

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Kári Egholm Jacobsen
Group VAP Director

Kári Jacobsen (born 1963) has been Manager of VAP Production and Processing since 2008. He was educated at Statens Fagskole for Fiskeindustri in Vardø (1982/1983). Kári Jacobsen was production manager for Tavan from 1984 to 1994 and from 1999 to 2008. Kári Jacobsen was production manager for United Seafood from 1994 to 1998.

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Kári Kallsberg
Head of Procurement - Faroe Islands

Kári Kallsberg (born 1973) was appointed Procurement Manager in 2016. He first joined in Bakkafrost 2008 in a role as Financial Controller. Mr. Kallsberg has an educational background as an accountant from the Faroese accounting company Januar. He has also been heading the company P/F Kneysur as CEO.

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Kristian Eli Zachariassen
Group IT Director

Kristian Eli Zachariassen (born 1974) has been Group Manager for IT since 2014. Mr. Zachariassen holds a Degree of Advanced Computer Studies from Tietgen Business College in Odense, Denmark (1999) and a MSc in Computer Security from the University of Liverpool, England (2012).

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Oddvald Olsen
Head of Farming West

Oddvald Olsen (born 1964) has been Farming Manager at Bakkafrost Farming West since 2011. Mr. Olsen has extensive experience in the salmon farming industry, where he started in 1985.

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Poul Andrias Jacobsen (Addi)
Head of Marketing

Poul Andrias Jacobsen (born 1976) has been Marketing Manager at Bakkafrost since 2015. He was educated Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the University in Aalborg, Denmark (2002). From 2006 to 2015 Poul Andrias Jacobsen held the position as managing director of Aluplast P/F.

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Rúni Olsen
Broodstock & Freshwater Director - Faroe Islands

Rúni Olsen (born 1967) was appointed Fresh Water Manager at Bakkafrost from the 1st of February 2018. Rúni Olsen holds a Master’s Certificate from Føroya Sjómansskúli in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. And from 1996 to 2009, he held leading positions in international shipping. From 2009, Rúni held the position as Maritime Director at P/F Smyril Line.

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Rúni Weihe
Head of Feed Department

Rúni Weihe (born 1980) holds an MSc in Fisheries from the University in Tromsø, Norway (2008). From 2001-2003, Mr. Weihe worked as fish farmer for Vestlax. In 2008, Mr. Weihe became the RnD Manager of Havsbrún’s Feed Division. He was appointed Division Manager in 2014 and holds both managerial positions.

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Símun P. Jacobsen
Group Sales Director

Símun P. Jacobsen (born 1963), was appointed Group Sales Director for the Bakkafrost Group in 2012. Mr. Jacobsen holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and Accounting (HD-R) from Handelshøjskolen Syd in Denmark. Mr. Jacobsen has an extensive career within the business of sales and management in the white fish industry as well as sales of salmon products to European supermarket chains. He was sales manager for United Seafood from 1998 and for Faroe Seafood from 2005.

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Sverri Kjærbæk
Group FSV Director

Sverri Kjærbæk (born 1964) was appointed Opertions Manager at Bakkafrost in September 2016. Mr. Kjærbæk holds Certificate as Master Mariner from Føroya Sjómansskúli in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, and from 1989 to 2007, he held positions as captain in Mærsk Line. From 2007, Mr. Kjærbæk has served as captain on board passenger as well as offshore vessels.

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Sámal Sivertsen
Head of Health & Safety – Group

Sámal Sivertsen (born 1979) was appointed Health & Safety Manager at Bakkafrost in 2019. Mr. Sivertsen holds a Master Mariner degree from Vinnuháskúlin and an Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics from CBS. Mr. Sivertsen has work experience from the sea as Navigational Officer with Maersk Supply Service and Bourbon Offshore Norway. From 2008 and up until joining Bakkafrost, Mr. Sivertsen was with Skansi Offshore in different leading roles - most recently as COO & DPA.

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Tordis Poulsen
Group Sustainability Director

Mrs. Tordis Poulsen (born 1973) holds a engineering degree in Food Science (2007) and has since then completed courses in e.g. leadership and management. Previously to joining Bakkafrost in 2020, Mrs. Poulsen was at Unilever for 12 years. During her period at Unilever, Mrs. Poulsen held several leading positions gaining significant experience with an international company that is recognized for leading the global sustainability agenda. The most recent role at Unilever was as Nordic Communication and Sustainability Manager.

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