Group Management

Regin Jacobsen
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Born 1966. Faroese citizen. Mr. Jacobsen has been Chief Executive Officer of Bakkafrost since 1989.

Education: Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and Accounting (HDR), Aarhus School of Business.

Number of shares in Bakkafrost: Holds 4,615,896* shares.
(* whereof 2,358,709 shares are currently borrowed by Bakkafrost and DnB Bank ASA)

Mr. Jacobsen has extensive experience from the salmon industry and finances. Mr. Jacobsen was Financial Manager of P/F Bakkafrost before he became Chief Executive Officer of P/F Bakkafrost.

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Høgni Dahl Jakobsen
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Born 1972. Faroese citizen. Mr. Jakobsen has been Chief Financial Officer of Bakkafrost since 2019.

Education: Business Design, Henley Business School. MSc in Business Administration and Computer Science (cand.merc.dat), Copenhagen Business School.

Number of shares in Bakkafrost: Holds 98 shares.

Mr. Jakobsen has extensive experience from the management consulting sector. He most recently held the position as Senior Partner and Management Consultant at Quorum Consulting. Before that, Mr. Jakobsen was working at PA Consulting Group as a Management Consultant.

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Odd Eliasen
Managing Director - Havsbrún

Born 1965. Faroese citizen. Mr. Eliasen has been Managing Director of Havsbrún since 2012.

Education: Teacher Certificate Exam, University of the Faroe Islands.

Number of shares in Bakkafrost: Holds 173,592 shares.

Mr. Eliasen has broad experience from the fish farming industry and has been an active player in restructuring the fish farming industry in the Faroe Islands. Mr. Eliasen has been responsible for Havsbrún's farming activities and has held various board positions in the industry. Mr. Eliasen was board member of Bakkafrost from 2006 to 2012.

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