In raising superior salmon, Bakkafrost’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail compels them to manage some of the best hatcheries in the industry.

Bakkafrost has an extensive capacity spread throughout several hatcheries around the Faroe Islands, which reduces risk and ensures Bakkafrost’s farming sites with a self-sufficient stable delivery of smolts.

By imitating nature, Bakkafrost’s hatcheries provide optimal growth conditions from egg to smolts. The hatcheries are under constant monitoring by skilful experienced staff and advanced electronic systems, ensuring the best possible animal welfare. This focus on animal welfare, from egg to smolt, gives improved growth potential and reduced mortality.

The short transport distances within the Faroe Islands and the hatcheries strategic locations close to the farming sites combined with the use of efficient water recycling technology limits the CO footprint and thus minimizes the environmental impact.

Bakkafrost is focused on increasing the size of the smolt on land and thereby decreasing the farming period on the sea and the biological risk. Consequently, this has meant that we are continually increasing the hatchery capacity.