Fishmeal and fish oil

All of the fishmeal and fish oil used in Bakkafrost' high quality feed is produced in-house by Havsbrún, which is a company established in 1966 and acquired by Bakkafrost in 2011.

All of the fishmeal and fish oil used in Bakkafrost's high-quality feed is produced by Havsbrún, a Bakkafrost subsidiary. Raw materials are sourced from sustainable pelagic fisheries and offcuts.

It all starts with sustainably caught fish from pelagic stocks in the North Atlantic, and locally sourced fresh offcuts from pelagic factories. The short transport from local fishing grounds to the production plants leaves only a small CO2 footprint, ensures freshness and provides complete traceability. Havsbrún’s sourcing ensures optimal and sustainable use of pelagic stocks.

The fish and offcuts are split into fishmeal and fish oil. The high quality, protein and omega-3 rich, fishmeal and fish oil are used internally for fish feed or sold to customers around the world.

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