In raising superior salmon, Bakkafrost’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail compels them to farm their salmon in the clean, cold, isolated fjords of the Faroe Islands. This isolation minimizes contamination between sites and leaves a low environmental impact.

In the clean, cold, isolated fjords of the Faroe Islands, Bakkafrost has the best conditions for growing salmon. Combined with the high-quality marine diet, Bakkafrost grows some of the best salmon in the world. Bakkafrost’s effective and productive farming model, voids any use of antibiotics, is done by dedicated and highly experienced staff and has proven to deliver a healthy, firm, and tasty salmon, with a minimal environmental impact.

The strict legislation requires dedicated equipment for each farming site, restrict movement between sites, limits density, and requires one-generation farming. This legislation also calls for fallowing periods between generations, a regulatory framework, and dedicated farming areas.

The pristine nature of the Faroe Islands, the high level of marine ingredients in the diet, the strict legislation and the superior know-how of the Bakkafrost farmers, sets the Bakkafrost Superior Salmon apart in the global market.