Vision & Mission

Bakkafrost aims at being a world-class company in the salmon industry. We are committed to provide tasty and healthy quality salmon products to the global marketplace, while focusing on:

  • a highly sustainable production from feed to salmon products

  • fish welfare and production of top quality food

  • creating value to customers, shareholders and society

The Group’s strategic focus is to develop the core business further and to focus on activities, which create the best possible value for customers and shareholders. Bakkafrost’s long-term experiences within the seafood industry date back to 1968 and overall the Group’s long-term strategic objective is to secure a healthy, attractive and competitive low-cost salmon farming group strategy.

Our aim – to be a world-class company in the salmon industry providing consumers worldwide with a wide range of healthy and nutritious salmon products – is supported by Bakkafrost’s main operational strategies:


We are committed to securing a long-term sustainable increase in production, while balancing animal welfare and a cost-efficient production.


Fish health, fish welfare and the prevention of diseases are areas of vital importance to us. We aim at farming salmon in a sustainable environment securing the welfare and wellbeing of the salmon.


We aim at delivering products that match or exceed the requirements of our customers.


We are dedicated to creating an interesting place of work, promoting dialogue and making room for different points of view to find the best solutions.


We are dedicated to optimizing the total value chain – from feed to finished product – and utilizing the benefits of competitive advantages throughout the value chain.


We strive for a continuous market-driven increase and development in feed, farming, production and sales, in addition to other potential prospects for growth.


We are focused on maintaining and strengthening our position in the marketplace as a reliable partner and supplier of healthy and nutritious salmon products.

These priorities shape our actions with the purpose of creating value to our customers and shareholders. Furthermore, we aim at contributing to society and continue pursuing the company’s growth strategy.


We are reliable

We show respect

We are persistent, efficient and ambitious

Bakkafrost’s core values support our performance and guide our behaviour as company, individuals and group. In all our activities, we are committed to creating long-term value to our customers, shareholders and society by living our values to be reliable, show respect and to be persistent, efficient and ambitious. Our core values and high standards define the attitudes and behaviours that are required to be a worldclass company in the salmon industry.