Vertical Integration
Full Vertical Integration
Bakkafrost is the largest salmon farmer in the Faroe Islands. The Group is fully integrated, from production of fish oil, fish-meal and fish feed to production of smolt, farming, value added products and salse. Bakkafrost operates 18 farming sites, and the company has a total of 640 employees.
Our vertical integration enables complete oversight over all the critical control points of quality production, thus ensuring not only freshness, purity, and taste, but also exacting traceability and environmental responsibility. Our extensive experience in the seafood industry, dating back to 1968, enables us to consistently produce quality, leading-edge products utilizing the highest quality raw material.

The principal goal of market-oriented salmon production is to ensure quality raw material. Combined with our unique processing standards, our high quality salmon enables us to consistently meet the demand of the international seafood marketplace for healthy, world-class salmon products designed for the most discriminating end consumer.

Our focus is on sustainable, environmentally-friendly aquaculture. The accessibility of our sea farming operations and processing plants, coupled with a highly-developed transport infrastructure, minimizes transport time. Our salmon are delivered to our processing facilities in a few brief hours after harvest.